About Us


Bill Cogley, TSA Founder

Training Services A蜜桃少女ssociation?is honored to work in association with more than 25 highly skilled and gifted trainers who present our extensive two and three day hands-on and interactive training workshops around the United States in technical and managerial?skills.

Our training is available?to private industry & government agencies.

Our hands-on training seminars allow participants to gain knowledge and skills by actually performing the skills being taught. Every workshop is designed with a built-in flexibility so that we can meet the specific needs of agencies requesting our services.

All of the trainers who work in association with us are experts on the subjects they teach with current and up-to-date experience in their specific areas of expertise. The diversified skills and in-depth knowledge of our expanded professional team make it possible for us to offer a wide variety of quality training that can be customized for the people we serve.


Training Services Association adheres to an impeccable work ethic and a sincere commitment to remain fair with our fees while offering high quality training. This was the premise when we first offered TSA training in 1979, and it remains our promise today.